About Us

E2Exchange (E2E), creates extraordinary connections for Entrepreneurs with Entrepreneurs.

Our connections consist of established entrepreneurs, sophisticated investors, world-class providers and experienced non-executive directors.

With them we guide entrepreneurs through the vital decisions to overcome barriers to growth by creating connectivity, raising investment, recruiting non-execs and providing exceptional services

About us

Founded in 2011, E2E is a dynamic community of over 12,000 entrepreneurs, investors, non-execs and partners

E2E is a hub for the progress of the UK's entrepreneurial community - businesses at the scale-up stage - helping to accelerate growth for the benefit of their businesses as well as the UK economy

E2E is an established network of highly successful entrepreneurs: creating an exchange between entrepreneurs, investors, experienced non-executive directors, business leaders, government influencers and professional service providers.

E2E has a board of world-class entrepreneurs providing sage advice, with the battle scars to prove it.

E2E also wants to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs by inspiring early.

Our Mission

E2E aims to be the main catalyst for entrepreneurial economic growth first in the UK and then internationally.

Our Vision

E2E's vision to enable extraordinary entrepreneurship. To build a company where entrepreneurs can find the right advice, help and finance to give their enterprise the best chance of future success.

Our Values


Entrepreneurs see things other people do not and stick to their aspirations as they strive to build, grow and share their inspiration with their clients, customers and colleagues.


We acknowledge that what often sets entrepreneurs apart is that they do, rather than say, and, like us, take the knocks then get back up again.


Often the largest challenge facing a hard working entrepreneurs is the lack of opportunity or time to discuss, share and resolve the issues they encounter with people who have faced them before. We provide this opportunity.