E2E Membership

"E2Exchange gives like-minded people the opportunity to do what entrepreneurs do best – network and be inspired. The unrivalled quality of guest speakers at E2E events makes membership an absolute must."

Judy Naake

At E2E, we believe that even in a fast evolving digital age, nothing can really replace the importance of connecting with people face-to-face. This drives the business benefit of building tangible relationships. We focus on facilitating strong links between scale-up founders, the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, investors and Non-Exec Directors. At its heart are our members, striving hard to build up their businesses.

Our E2E community consist of our exceptional Board and Advisory Board, and our members:

  • E2E Pioneers
  • E2E Ambassadors
  • E2E Advocates

E2E Membership is complimentary and primarily by invitation only to individuals who meet our membership criteria:

  • Founders, co-founders & majority shareholders of businesses
  • Have a turnover in excess of £500,000
  • Industry and sector agnostic – any type of business

Why become a member?

The answer is clear. You will be given access to our community of Pioneers, Ambassadors and Advocates and an unrivalled suite of membership benefits that are dedicated to E2E applicable Members.In addition, we design a suite of bespoke corporate services through our corporate members.