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'Are you happish?' by E2E Advocate Micky Harris…



Where is that you might say?

It's a rarely visited gem of a place located somewhere between - I'd rather be a green eyed monster and Let’s not and just say we did.

Happish is a state of mind.

It's the point at which you realise that you have done everything you can to be the best at what you do, and accept that it's actually sufficient for the moment.

The morning you wake up and are content with what lies ahead, and when you rest your head at night knowing that you have done your bit, and don't dread the alarm ringing in your ear only a few hours later.

I had been living in the wrong state for many years, I call it Moaners Island, just off the by pass.

I was always envious of "that lot", resenting "those over there", and wondering why I wasn't driving "that blokes car".

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about aspiring to further yourself, but not at the expense of contentment and sanity or working to satisfy someone else's expectations.

Eventually, I realised that the more I resented others the worse I became at living or enjoying my life.

Ask me how I feel and I'd say well, let me tell you how bad my life is.

Then I met Mustn't Grumble.

What an inspiration, always ready to smile and help others do the same.

Never talking about negatives or how hard life was.

Mustn't Grumble became my mantra and introduced me to the State of Happish where I visited and now live most of the year.

Occasionally, I go back to Moaners Island to see the old folk but I soon get bored of the continued whinging and groaning, so I head back to Happish "sharpish".

I now coach others in the art of Mustn't Grumble and provide guided tours to Happish.

Many of the people I have helped emigrated to Happish now enjoy the best of whatever they have, every day!

If you would like to visit Happish don't look on Google Maps, it's off the beaten track and a rare find. You may have to search a little harder but when you get here you'll know you have arrived.

Image from: Shutterstock