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Butterfly Twists

Back in 2009, four men with very little design experience, founded Butterfly Twists, a shoe and boot manufacturing company. Emmanuel & Frank Eribo, Mark Quaradeghini and Philippe Homsy recognised the gap in the market for ‘transformative’ shoes that can be comfortable, light and compact at the same time. Now, seven years after developing the idea, the shoes have become international sellers in over 30 countries around the world.

The path to success hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way for Butterfly Twists. The company has faced large setbacks in the past, including partners going bust, tensions and complications with factories overseas leading to the first large order of shoes being unsellable and costing them huge amounts of time and money. However; instead of giving up, they identified the key areas that needed improvement, and kept on going.

We think, Butterfly Twists is a great example of entrepreneurial perseverance as they show how having determination and faith in your brand can ultimately lead to success. After launching the brand, they generated 50,000 shoe orders in 4 days, winning them the Best New Exporter trophy at the United Kingdom Fashion Textile Awards. Since, they have been featured in national consumer magazines, such as, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue and Glamour. We look forward to seeing how Butterfly Twists continues to expand as a brand in future.