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Causr App

Last night Causr, a location based App helping people network on the go, held an event at Regus in The News Building helping attendees get to grips with how best to network and create connections. The app is the latest offering from one of our member entrepreneurs, James Eder, and is the ultimate companion when connecting people near you.

Whether you’re freelance or full-time, encounters with like-minded people can improve all of our working lives. This could be on our daily commute, at the airport and in-between meetings – we always come across opportunities to make meaningful connections and this app makes it that much easier.

It makes finding nearby professionals with similar jobs, interests and ambitions easy. Scroll through a network of users, see who’s free, meet for coffee, share business advice or collaborate. Causr is all about connecting people, pre-planning those random encounters, and making missed opportunities a thing of the past.

James Eder says that “the idea of manufacturing serendipity, though a challenge, was incredibly appealing. I wanted to enable people to create connections that would otherwise be missed. Causr does this by giving people enough information to provide a bit of context for example knowing the school someone went to is enough to break the ice. Causr is an enabler – technology that empowers people to connect in real time, face-to-face."

To read more see a recent article the feature in The i:

You can download Causr from the Apple App Store and start connecting with people now: