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The E2E Invest Online Investment Platform

As part of our mission to build E2E as a catalyst of entrepreneurial growth, we have always looked at ways we can support talented and committed entrepreneurs with one of the key challenges they face – raising funding.

As an important step towards our goal, we have recently relaunched the E2E Online Investment Platform at where investors can invest in firms in industries ranging from Fintech to Food to Technology. With the platform, we aim to connect private investors and venture capital firms with high-growth companies, that have sufficient track-record, and are led by an experienced and committed management team.

While we believe that crowdfunding platforms do a great job at helping companies with both fundraising, and building awareness, with E2E Invest we do something different. When looking for investors from the E2E Community, we put a large emphasis in selecting sophisticated investors with relevant industry background, and experience in building businesses. Through this we make sure that the companies not only have the necessary financial backing to grow, but also invaluable experience and connections on board. The minimum ticket size is £10,000 per company, making the site an online venture capital platform.

To gain access to the vast community of investors E2E has built over the years, the companies must have a proven business model, at least £500,000 in annual revenue and a proven, skilled and committed team. Ideally, they must also be SEIS or EIS eligible. The platform is FCA regulated, therefore all the companies go through an in-house Due Diligence. Our platform also serves as an “online data room”, where investors have the opportunity to get access to information that will help them make the right investment decisions. This makes the platform beneficial for both private investors and VCs.

If you are interested in investing on our E2E Online Investment Platform, please register here.

For companies who are interested in fundraising, please apply here.