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Multitasking vs. Batching

Planning your day accordingly is essential for professional productivity and strengthening time management skills. Michael Herman, in his website compares two practices that people use to get through their daily to do lists – ‘multi-tasking’ and ‘batching’. ‘Multi-tasking’ is a way of trying to get everything done at once. He says that this leads you to believe you are working hard. However, Herman goes onto say that “just because you are busy does not mean you’re accomplishing work to its highest degree”. He suggests that this way of working can therefore be inefficient as you end up starting everything and finishing nothing, and this can lead to “fatigue, stress and burnout”.

Alternatively, ‘batching’ is proven to maximise productivity and decrease stress. It’s the process of making a to do list and sticking to it, which allows allocated time for individual tasks. Herman advocates the ‘batching’ practice and says that “you will have something to show for it and can actually scratch something off that list.” It is the best way to increase productivity as it gives 100% of your attention to the task and improves your daily sense of achievement.