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Trump Victory

Donald Trump, the billionaire entrepreneur and reality TV celebrity has been voted the President of the United States. With no political background, how did Trump’s extensive business background contribute to his victory?

One of the ways Trump has achieved huge success is through his branded campaign broadcast widely across social media channels, from Twitter to Facebook. The ‘Trump brand’ has proven to be extremely powerful; he has essentially structured a campaign around himself as one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to win the votes of the American people.

Trump’s determination in business, despite four Bankruptcies over his career, can give us an indication as to how his bounce back personality, bravado and entrepreneurial knack has served him well during his campaign. He even turned himself into a bestselling author following his Bankruptcies. Despite several possible derailments throughout his campaign, Trump managed to recover time and time again.

It seems Trump has applied his determination, his entrepreneurship and his entertainer-like demeanour to politics, and this has worked in completely unprecedented and unpredicted ways by appealing to large proportions of Americans.

Using his own entrepreneurial background, experiences and divisive personality, Trump has managed to change the world’s perceptions of how a campaign is won. Post-campaign, how do you think the world looks for America’s new president, and how do you think this will affect the UK?