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Introducing our Advisory Board: Paresh Davdra, RationalFX


Paresh Davdra is the Co-Founder and CEO of RationalFX, a foreign exchange and international payments company. Paresh has used his wealth of knowledge to steer the business towards his vision, achieving tremendous growth along the way. Last year RationalFX grew by 75% and turned over £1.3bn. Employing around 100 people, the business is set to grow its turnover by an additional 70%-80% again this year.

Paresh has over ten years’ experience working across currency markets, risk management and FX strategy. Starting out in foreign exchange at the age of 23, Paresh joined a brokerage firm in the City of London. After just a year in the industry he spotted a gap in the market and co-founded Rational FX.

Prior to working in foreign exchange, Paresh graduated in 2004 with a degree in marketing and computer science.

In his spare time, Paresh takes interest in participating in community events and various charitable activities, including a 400KM bike trek through India to raise money and awareness for Lymphoma.