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Raspberry Pi – A Recipe for Innovation

At E2Exchange, we are proud of our successful entrepreneurial members, and always gladly share their success stories, in the hopes that others, like us, will learn from them.

A formidable tale of accomplishment comes from Eben Upton, co-founder and co-creator of the curiously named Raspberry Pi, the world’s smallest fully-functional PC. Eben’s endeavour started in 2006, when he realised there was a need to promote and incentivise the teaching of basic computing and programming skills in high schools and developing countries. After six years of work, the credit-card-sized, high-performance Raspberry Pi was born, sold at a price of just £25. The market’s response was far greater than the team had imagined, with their initial stock of 10,000 units being sold out mere hours after the launch, and another 100,000 units ordered on that very first day.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has now become a very successful non-profit organisation, and Eben has been nominated to receive a CBE this Friday.

Raspberry Pi’s founders pride themselves on the sustainability of their products: the vast majority of boards are manufactured in the UK – specifically, in Wales – to assure top-of-the line quality for each unit. ''South Wales has a long tradition of manufacturing, and we are very pleased that the success of Raspberry Pi has secured new, skilled jobs in the area. Global success can be transformative within local communities, and we’re proud to be part of that here in Pencoed.'' said Eben in a recent interview for Electronics Weekly.

Moreover, the Raspberry Pi environment is built on open-source software, to allow the user to understand it from the ground up, encouraging them to learn technology piece-by-piece by taking it apart.

We ourselves are proud of Raspberry Pi’s great accomplishments, and send our warmest congratulations to all its hard-working, amazing team!

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