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Team Expansion

Once a scale up company has overcome its initial strategic and financial challenges, it is important to find the right team to take the business to a new level. The company employees are the people supporting your product and services so it’s important to keep them happy, in order to further leverage your business.

To find the right team for your business, create an in-depth recruitment marketing plan with clear goals that are aligned with your company growth goals. This plan should manifest the ideal candidate, as well as deadlines for recruitment process and the activities needed to hit these goals. Activities to try and make the recruitment process a successful one may include paying for advertisements on LinkedIn, or creating a high converting landing page that show the skills, company culture and perks of the company.

You are looking for an ‘A’ player that is a future potential leader and a person who is interested, ­­­motivated and responsible. Often, the best way to find out who is and isn’t a great fit for your company is to meet many candidates. The best candidates are often the ones who can stand out from the rest of the interviewees. When you think you have found someone who is a great fit for your company, move quickly as these ‘A’ class players aren’t on the job market for long. Another way to recognise the ‘A’ players is by adding personality and skills testing into the interview process, which can give great insight into the potential candidates. Getting a good understanding of the skills of the individual can prove to be a good investment in the long run.

Once you have hired your employee, make sure to take them through an on-boarding process and clearly articulate what the company is about. Their understanding will lay the groundwork for their work at your company and will ultimately increase the likeliness to scale up further.