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I had the absolute pleasure of recently being invited to an evening of wine tasting, global financial economic discussions and a fascinating location with quite a wide variety of guests to chat to.

E2Exchange (or E2E for short) was set up to provide entrepreneurs with interesting events and forums with which to exchange ideas, share experiences and to meet other like-minded business people.

This particular event was held at The Stafford Hotel, St James’s Place in London – a very elegant and traditional establishment with a hidden gem underneath the main building – an extensive and beautiful pre-war wine cellar with an interesting history.

The evening started with a tour of the cellars and introductions to the different guests attending – including the Chairman of Pure Gym, a Partner of KPMG, a senior member of the BT management team and my fellow Board member, Damon Clark, to name but a few.

Then the wine was cracked open! We were challenged to taste each wine, then guess which country, grape variety and year each was from. The first was certainly the best – a very light and fruity sparkling wine that was actually a 2009 vintage from West Sussex. Thank goodness I got this right, much to the pleasant surprise of the people I was stood with at the time. Fizz, I can do – it went slightly downhill when we got onto the reds and the dessert wine!

Our host for the evening was Bill O’Neill from UBS Wealth Management. When each country was guessed correctly, Bill informed the audience of the current state of economic and financial play in this particular country – and of course this did spark quite lively discussion on the EU referendum as there were certainly mixed opinions in the room.

Amongst the people I chatted to was the CIO of Truphone – crazy level of intelligence and a self confessed creative tech geek! We both agreed his profile is about the hardest type of person to interview – luckily for me, he is well versed in public speaking so is very used to holding interesting and lively conversation!

Thank you to the E2E team and look forward to the next event!

Rebecca x

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