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Virtual Meeting Tools

In our increasingly globalised world, more and more businesses operate with customers and employers internationally. At E2E, we have a very broad base of partners across the globe and therefore understand the high demand for virtual meeting tools.

With scale up companies in mind, it can be difficult to have face to face meetings with partners in other countries due to fast pace work environments and time differences. However, with the advent of virtual meeting tools, many of us can now operate out of our offices, as well as hotel rooms, coffee shops and homes to make communications quicker, easier and smoother.

Virtual communication technology has increased efficiency and allows for faster and more effective decision making. It is now becoming easier to set up meetings with anyone in the world, at any time, and on any device. Examples of some of the most widely used web conferencing tools are Sykpe, Slack, Watchitoo, Infinite, GoToWebinar and ZOHO. Many of these tools offer both free and paid for services depending on the needs of the organisation.