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"I joined the E2E network shortly after PrivateFly raised £2m of investment. E2E has helped to propel

PrivateFly with the same speed as our jets!"

Adam Twidell,
CEO and Founder -

Are you looking for investment?

If your company is seeking development capital anywhere between £250k to £50m, E2E will help you to raise investment, identifying potential investors with a particular interest in your sector.

We work with scale-up businesses with revenue between £0.5m and £200m. Your company should already be generating income, or have profitability within sight over the next 18 – 24 months.

We raise funds from four distinct sources: our own network of more than 2,000 high net worth individuals, our Investment Club, our corporate partners, and 30 or more family offices and other specialist funds through our investment platform.

When assessing an investment opportunity, we’ll look closely at your business and its operations, its position within the marketplace, your management team, and of course the rationale behind the fund raising.

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Are you looking to invest?

The number of businesses approaching us is growing, currently the rate is 40 a month. However, we choose to invest in only a small number of them. To join, the entrepreneurs need to show they are not only passionate about their business but also have a cold, calculating eye with a compelling and commerically robust proposition.

Before we accept any deal, we will do our due diligence and and perform extensive research so our investors can make informed decisions based on insights and information from trusted sources. Details of new investment opportunities, together with in-depth reports on prospective investee business, are available to sophisticated investors.

E2E charges a fixed fee for bespoke investment preparation and regulatory diliigence but the majority of our income is success-based, through commissions on funds raised.

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E2E Invest